Tax Lawyer Indianapolis, Indiana

Tax Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

A tax lawyer in Indianapolis, IN knows that no one enjoys paying taxes. For the most part, everyone either lets their employer take taxes out or begrudgingly sets tax money aside from their paycheck if they are self-employed. However, when you are dealing with your own taxes and run into problems, what should you do? Hope that it works itself out? Hope you do not get flagged? Unfortunately, even accidental errors in taxes could mean penalties or worse punishments, which is why if you are facing problems with your taxes you should turn to a team you can trust from Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White

Shouldn’t I hire a CPA if I run into problems? 

Many people believe that if they run into a tax snag they can rely on a CPA to help them out of a sticky situation. While CPAs can be fantastic assets when it comes to financial planning and making important financial decisions, you will not necessarily want to rely on them for taxes because they may not be keeping up with the constant changes in taxes. If you work with a trusted tax lawyer Indianapolis, IN, you know that you can get help if you are struggling with: 

  • Alleged tax fraud
  • Tax disputes
  • Tax laws regarding businesses
  • Taxes related to estate planning

When should I start working with a tax lawyer? 

There are many times when you may decide you should work with a tax lawyer. For example, if you are hoping to correct a tax mistake but are not getting a response from the IRS, your attorney can write a letter that is sure to get their attention. You may also wish to work with an attorney if: 

  • You are planning to file a lawsuit against the IRS or if they are filing a suit against you
  • The IRS is investigating you
  • The IRS is auditing you

What is the biggest difference between a CPA and a tax attorney? 

The biggest difference (and one that may be important to you) is that you get attorney-client privilege when you work with a tax lawyer, not with a CPA. Thus, a tax lawyer will not testify against you if you go to court. 

Making sure you stay above board with taxes is not always easy, but an attorney can help. Reach out to a trusted Indianapolis, Indiana tax lawyer you can rely on today.

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