Must Haves in a Bankruptcy Attorney 

Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, then your best bet for a successful outcome is to choose a good bankruptcy attorney. While it is completely possible for you to file bankruptcy on your own, it is generally not advisable to do so.

Many people in the judicial system advise that those filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 take careful precautions and consider hiring an attorney. Any misunderstanding of the law or any mistakes that can be made in the process can affect her case. 

If you are considering a bankruptcy attorney, here are some key things to keep in mind as you shop around for the right attorney to represent you.

Look for a specialist.

Like many other practices in the world, lawyers practice in multiple areas of the law. Your best bet would be to go with someone who specializes in bankruptcy law. An attorney who dabbles in a little bit of everything is most likely not aware of the granular aspects of bankruptcy law and is most likely not up to speed with the latest legal developments in this area of practice. A good sign that your attorney has this experience would be they have membership in associations such as the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Choose an attorney with adequate experience.

 Before hiring an attorney, you need to ask about their level of experience. You should look for the number of bankruptcy cases they have successively handled. If they happen to have many cases under their belt but are really successful, then you should look for a different attorney. While it is often in your best interest to hire an attorney with years of experience, if you have to hire someone with fewer years of experience, make sure they’re being mentored by someone who has years of experience under their belt.

Be comfortable with your attorney.

At the end of the day, you should go with the bankruptcy attorney that you feel comfortable with. They are going to need your financial records and are going to be very involved in your life. You need to not only be able to trust them, but also you must be comfortable with them. Do not make a decision based solely on price because a good attorney could save you money if they successfully represent you. You should also find somebody who will listen to you and give you specifics relating to your case to best understand your situation and how to represent you. If you are uncomfortable with their attorney, the likelihood that your case will run smoothly is very low.

Finding a bankruptcy attorney can be challenging, but you can know if you have questions you can reach out to someone like our friends at The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches for more information. 

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