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An elder law lawyer Indianapolis, IN residents, trust from Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White knows that if you are in your golden years, you may think that you should not have to deal with the financial problems and complications that you had to earlier in your life. The truth is, you absolutely should not have concerns over your finances and your estate when you are getting older but these concerns still come up. That is why it can be beneficial to work with an elder law lawyer. If you require some care, whether it is nursing home care or at-home care, it is wise to work with a Medicaid lawyer to see how they can help you set up these expenses through your coverage. 

Further, whether you have already created your estate plan or whether you are just beginning the process, a wills lawyer can guide you through every step. If you want to make changes to a will that is already in place, a wills lawyer can help you with these changes. On the other hand, if you are trying to decide where you would like your assets to be distributed and how you want your finances secured, a wills lawyer can help you understand the process and guide you through every step. If a loved one has named you as the executor of their estate and you are preparing for the will to go through the probate process, look no further than our trusted probate lawyer. We can help make this as smooth of a process as possible and be there if any issues or conflicts arise during probate. 

When it comes to your own finances or the carefully planned out finances of a loved one, you should not leave what happens up to chance. Reach out to the law firm of Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White for more information regarding your Medicaid questions or questions regarding your estate. 

Indianapolis Zoo Indianapolis, INIndianapolis Zoo Indianapolis, IN

If you are visiting our office for your Medicaid planning needs, why not take this opportunity to stop off at the Indianapolis Zoo? At Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White, we understand the importance of family and know that you may be coming to your appointment with family members or may want to meet with your family after your appointment for time together. We highly recommend visiting the Indianapolis Zoo! Whether you are looking for animals that live in a forest, in the water, the desert, or fly in the air, the zoo is sure to have what you and your family would like to see. 

We know that when it comes to working with lawyers about your future and your family’s future things can be complicated and sometimes you just need a break. When this is the case, taking time away from our office and time away from your legal needs is imperative. Simply stepping away and getting your endorphins going by looking at the furry animals at the zoo can clear your mind and allow you to step back into our office with a better understanding of what your needs are or what your family’s needs might be. If you are working with our estate planning lawyer, you may even find that the zoo offers you an avenue of giving a charitable donation to help save endangered animals. If that is something near and dear to your heart, speak with us at your next meeting. 

Eagle Creek Park Indianapolis, INEagle Creek Park Indianapolis, IN

If you would like to visit the great outdoors and learn more about the nature surrounding you, we encourage you to visit Eagle Creek Park. Sure, there are many parks that you could visit to go on a walk-about or take a beautiful hike. However, Eagle Creek Park sets itself to a whole new standard by including an Earth Discovery Center and an Ornithology Center. Our elder law lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana from Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White knows that when you are going through the probate process for a loved one’s will, you need to take time to step away. One of the most important roles a person can play is as the executor of an estate. So, when you met up with our probate lawyer, do not be surprised if they tell you to step away from the process and visit Eagle Creek Park. 

We find that many of our clients feel an immense burden when they are taking care of a loved one’s estate: they want to get everything right, avoid issues that come up, and get the probate process done as quickly as possible. Let us take some of this off of your shoulders and take your kids, your partner, or just yourself to Eagle Creek Park to explore nature and learn about the ecosystem around you. 

Newfields Indianapolis, INNewfields Indianapolis, IN

After a day of working with our wills lawyer, you may want to take the opportunity to step inside a totally different world. One of the best ways the team at Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White recommends doing this is by visiting Newfields. Legal talk and going over your finances can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. So, why not step into a totally new world by going to an immersive exhibit at Newfields? Not only will you be able to view some of your favorite art (like pieces by Van Gogh), but you will walk into exhibits that use cutting-edge technology to actually place you into the art. This can help you feel the culture of the art at the time and it can allow you to view the details up-close with some of your very favorite pieces. 

With 30,000 square feet of galleries, you are sure to land in a spot that takes you away from the worries or problems you may be thinking of when you are considering Medicaid issues that could be coming up or estate planning details. We understand that these processes can be complicated and we want to encourage you to take some much-needed time for yourself during the days ahead. If you are interested in other attractions near our office or would like to call and set up an appointment with a member of our team, reach out to our trusted Indianapolis, Indiana elder law lawyer from Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White now. 


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