Guardianship Attorney Greenfield IN

Guardianship Attorney Greenfield IN

Greenfield, IN Guardianship Law: Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White

When someone is incapacitated or unable to care for themselves because they have special needs, the courts in Indiana may appoint a guardian to ensure their housing, education, healthcare, and financial needs are met. There are three levels of guardianship that are recognized in Indiana including:

  • Guardian of the person – in this case, the guardian would be responsible for the person’s day to day needs including housing, healthcare, and other basic needs.
  • Guardian of the estate – when a person needs help managing their financing, a guardian of the estate would ensure their investments, bank accounts, real estate holdings were managed. This includes paying bills and ensuring the person had spending money when appropriate.
  • Guardian of person and estate – in nearly all cases, one guardian will see to the physical and financial needs of the incapacitated person.


If your family has a loved one who has special needs or you have minor children who need to be cared for after your death, you can elect to appoint a guardian to act in your stead. Keep in mind, while you may suggest a guardian or you may apply to be guardian of a loved one, the court will take some factors into consideration including:

  • Wishes of the person – for children over the age of 14 or when an incapacitated person requests a specific individual those wishes will be taken into consideration by the courts.
  • Powers of attorney – if there is a current power of attorney in place by the person requesting guardianship, the court will consider appointing that person guardian.
  • Best interest of person – whenever a guardianship issue arises, the courts will always consider the best interest of the person as well as the estate of the incapacitated person or minor.

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