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Elder Law Lawyer Greenfield, IN

An elderly couple high five an Elder Law Lawyer Greenfield, INAn elder law lawyer Greenfield, IN residents trust work for legal practices that are focused on the needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities who require assistance with estate planning, long-term care or Medicaid matters. According to AARP, as many as 60 percent of seniors will need some type of elder law services at least once during their lives, so it’s important that they have someone they can count on to help them navigate their way through the system while providing compassionate service and guidance along the way. There are many ways an elder law lawyer can help you or your loved one live out your golden years in the most comfortable and secure manner possible; contact one for help today at Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White.

Keep Your Assets out of the Hands of Others

If you do not have a will in place, or if your loved ones are not aware of your wishes for the distribution of your assets upon death, the state can decide what to do with your property. This may not be what you want. Your assets could go to people that are not even related to you. You might want to leave a large portion of your estate to charity. A will is the best way to make sure that this happens as you had planned it. It also helps reduce the taxes that your heirs would otherwise have to pay on any property left without a will. One of the ways an elder law lawyer helps their clients keep their assets out of other hands is by helping them create wills and trusts when necessary.

Protect Your Family Members from Legal Trouble

A Greenfield elder law lawyer can also help with other matters as well. For example, an attorney can help you to protect your family members from legal trouble by drawing up wills and power of attorney documents. This can help your family members avoid the stress of dealing with legal issues while they are grieving their loved one. They will be relieved knowing that someone else is taking care of their affairs.

Help with Medical Expenses

If you have medical expenses that are not covered by your health insurance or Medicare, an elder law lawyer can help you get compensation for those expenses. The lawyer will typically work with the hospital’s billing department to file a lien on your behalf. In some cases, the hospital may have a charity care program that will provide some of the medical bills for free or at reduced rates.

Cover Everyday Expenses You Can No Longer Afford

The average American 65+ spends $45,000 in their lifetime on out-of-pocket health care expenses. Almost all of these costs are uncovered by Medicare and other insurance providers. Out-of-pocket expenses also include income lost when you stop working to take care of yourself or a loved one. An elder law attorney can help you plan for your future and ensure that you have the resources you need to live comfortably during your retirement years.

Avoid Long Term Care Facilities

Long-term care facilities are usually the last resort for seniors who can’t take care of themselves. If you find yourself needing more help than your family and friends can provide, then it might be time to consider whether long-term care is right for you. An attorney can help you figure out what assets you have and how those can be used to get into long-term care or avoid it.

If you need a Greenfield elder law lawyer, contact one today at Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White for help.

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