Our Fees

Flat Fees

Our philosophy is to provide as many of our services as possible at a flat fee rate. We believe this:

  • ensures you are aware of your fee arrangement before you retain our firm
  • provides clients with certainty about the final fee
  • encourages clients to make contact as necessary (without worrying about increases in the bill for each contact).
  • provides a high return on investment for our clients with the solutions and service they receive

Payment for each of these services is due before the work begins, but if you are ever dissatisfied with the service or work you receive, please contact our firm’s Managing Partner, Jason White to discuss a resolution that may be satisfactory to all parties.

Initial Consultations

$250 (this amount is due at the time of the consultation and in some cases will be credited toward the total cost of the services you choose)

The Core Estate Plan

Consists of a Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Designation of Health Care Representative, Healthcare Power of Attorney, HIPPA authorization, Do Not Resuscitate Declaration and Living Will; plus several free documents we include, all neatly organized for easy access in our famous three ring binder:

  • Single person – $395
  • Married couple – $645

Will(s) with Specialized Provisions

For a testamentary trust provision:

  • Add $75 – Single person
  • Add $125 – Married couple

Special Needs Trust provision

  • Add $300 – Single person
  • Add $500 – Married couple

The Essential Three (life-time decision making for financial & medical)

Consists of a Durable Power of Attorney, Appointment of Health Care Representative, and Living Will

  • Single person – $225
  • Married couple – $375

Other Estate Planning

  • Initial one-hour consultation (usually applied toward flat fee) – $250
  • Life Estate Deeds – $200 (recording fees additional)
  • Other Deeds – $175 (recording fees additional)
  • Home Visits (Initial Interview or Signing) – attorney’s time billed at standard hourly rate; trip charge for non-attorney staff is $95

Trusts (Including “pour-over” will)

  • Revocable Trust – $1,235
  • Special Needs Trust – $1,235
  • Irrevocable Trust – $2,495
  • Asset Protection Trust – $2,495
  • Medicaid Family Trust – $1,235

* Hourly fee applies to revocable trust funding assistance beyond funding directives

* Special Needs Trust (within revocable trust) Add: $500

* Preparation and recording of real estate transfer deeds is $175 per deed per transfer

Medicaid (Crisis) and Pre-Planning for Asset Protection for Medicaid and VA

  • Initial one-hour consultation – $250
  • Written summary and evaluation after initial consultation – $575
  • Preparation of Qualified Income Trusts/ “Miller” Trusts with funding directives – $695
  • Medicaid Crisis (includes spend down plan; legal documents to execute plan; preparation and filing of application; includes appeal if necessary) – flat fee ranges from $5,495 – $9,495
  • Asset Protection Irrevocable Trusts (Medicaid or VA Benefits) – $2,495 (usually inclusive of deeds, TIN filing, and funding directives; hourly for direct funding assistance)
  • Appeals of incorrect Medicaid decision not filed by our firm – $4,475

Probate/Estate Administration

  • Formal Administration – Base fee of $4,500 plus applicable percentage
  • 2.0% of Gross Estate over $100,000 but under $1,000,000
  • 1.0% of Gross Estate over $1,000,000
  • Usual costs include $176 filing fee and $120 publication (based on Hancock County)
  • Summary Administration – Base fee of $2,000.00
  • Usual costs include $176 filing fee and $120 publication (based on Hancock County).
    • Contested matters, unanticipated complications and extraordinary activity may incur hourly billing
  • Small Estate Affidavit (for estates of less than $50,000) – $350.
    • A cost retainer of $500 is required to commence any probate

Probate Avoidance Planning

  • Recommendations for beneficiary designations and titling assets properly to avoid probate $500


  • Guardianship for Incapacitated Person – $1,495 plus costs
    • Usual costs range is approximately $500-$1,800 (includes filing fees, examiners and court-appointed counsel)
  • Guardian Advocacy for Person with Developmental Disability – $995
    • Usual costs are $0 (based on indigent Ward)
  • Voluntary Guardianship – $1,495
    • Usual costs are $400 filing fee
  • Bi-annual Guardianship accounting – $450

* Contested matters, unanticipated complications and extraordinary activity may incur hourly billing

* In some cases fees and costs may be reimbursed from the Ward’s assets or may be paid by the State

* A cost retainer of $500 is required to commence any Guardianship

The customary hourly billing rates are as follows:

Our standard hourly rate is $225/hour. This rate will apply to in-home visits for initial consultations and signings, as well as extra-ordinary matters which may arise during the course of completing any of the flat fee services above. We do not bill separately for ordinary postage, photocopying expenses, or long distance charges. However, costs such as overnight delivery charges and Court filing fees are to be paid by the client.