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Elder Law Lawyer in Indianapolis, INElder Law Lawyer in Indianapolis, IN

Have you considered contacting an elder law lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana? If you have any questions about how you can prepare for your future and provide for your family after your death, reaching out to a qualified attorney is one of the wisest decisions you can make.

But what exactly does an elder law lawyer do, and how can their services benefit you and your loved ones? As it turns out, elder law lawyers are a valuable and versatile resource, and they can help with a whole list of potential questions and estate-planning challenges:

  • Wills and trusts: When people think of elder law lawyers, estate planning is usually what comes to mind. You’ve built up a legacy over the course of your lifetime, which includes properties, collections, cars, and debts. It’s up to you and an elder law lawyer to determine who should handle all of this in your absence, and how it should all be divided up after your death. It sounds relatively straightforward, but if there’s any bad blood between your family members, there’s potential for bitter infighting. Fortunately, a lawyer can help prevent any of that.
  • Establishing power of attorney: It’s an ugly subject, but it warrants discussion: What should happen if you’re completely incapacitated and unable to make important decisions on your own? Whether it’s through illness or injury, some people lose the ability to control their own lives, and they should be able to rely on someone they trust to take over instead. That’s where power of attorney comes in. Power of attorney means a trusted individual will take care of your important decisions when you are no longer able to do so yourself, and an elder law lawyer in Indianapolis, IN can help prepare a power of attorney for you.
  • Taxes, taxes, taxes: If you’re leaving behind anything for your friends and family, you’re also leaving behind taxes – unless you have the right elder law lawyer on your side. Taxes are a fact of life (and death), but they don’t have to completely sap the value out of your estate. When you reach out to a qualified elder law lawyer, you get a valuable resource who can help you navigate complicated tax rules and regulations to give your loved ones as much as possible, without taxes taking a maximum toll on everything.

It takes a lot of work to leave behind a workable estate, especially one that includes instructions for all of your beneficiaries. But what are the benefits of estate planning?

Why You Should Consider Estate Planning:

You might be wondering if estate planning is right for you in the first place. Short answer: Yes.

If you have built up anything over the course of your life – whether it’s your house, second properties, collections, or just maintaining family heirlooms – you want to make sure they go to the right place after your death. That’s the beauty of estate planning.

When it comes to leaving behind assets for your loved ones, you need to know how to protect these assets from anyone who might contest your will. An elder law lawyer can keep you aware of any potential challenges to the instructions you leave behind, and they can also help you find a way to minimize losses for your family while providing a completely streamlined process for your beneficiaries.

What is an Elder Lawyer?

Elder law is a legal field that specializes in the laws and regulations affecting seniors. Elder law attorneys are lawyers who advocate for and represent older adults in legal matters. Elder lawyers can be found in law firms, public interest organizations, and other settings.

An elder law lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana can help with matters such as Social Security Disability Claims, Medicare Planning, Medicaid Application Assistance, Estate Planning for those with limited resources, and much more! They have extensive knowledge of the law, but they put a special focus on laws that apply to the elderly population. Elder law is not just limited to wills and probate, either. It also includes social security benefits, Medicare/Medicaid issues, estate planning, guardianship proceedings, and more.

No one knows when they will need an elder law lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. Maybe it will be when you are caring for your aging parents, or maybe it will be when you are suddenly faced with the need to make decisions about long-term care for a loved one. But at some point, if you have an elderly family member, you’re going to need an Elder Lawyer. Here’s why. 

Elder Law attorneys have special training in the legal issues that affect the elderly. They know about Medicaid and Medicare, guardianship and conservatorship, estate planning, and many other important topics. They can help families navigate through difficult legal waters and make sure their loved ones are taken care of both legally and financially. So if you’re wondering if you need an elder law lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana, the answer is a resounding yes. Even if you don’t think there’s any chance that your family will have to deal with these issues in the near future.

Why Hire Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White as Your Elder Lawyer

If you or a loved one is in need of an elder lawyer, look no further than Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White. Our team has years of experience assisting clients with all aspects of elder law. From estate planning to nursing home care, we can help you protect your assets and make sure your loved ones are taken care of.

It is never too late to find the right elder law lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White are elder law attorneys in Southern California who can help you navigate your legal needs for your aging loved one. They have a wide range of experience and will be able to answer all of your questions about wills, trusts, Medicaid planning, guardianship or conservatorships, long-term care facility rights, and more. The sooner you get started with them, the better off you’ll be!

Dickmann Reason Bogigian & White is a team of experienced Elder Law attorneys. We have been committed to providing legal counsel and guidance for elder law clients. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex world of elder law, from Medicaid planning to guardianship petitions, so they can live their best life possible in their golden years. We will guide you through all aspects of this complex area of law with skill, sensitivity, compassion, professionalism, and respect for your dignity. We’re ready to answer your questions about estate planning, probate administration, long-term care, and more. Let’s talk today!

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